Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOST Series Finale Party - Invitations

For the LOST fanatics out there, this Sunday is a BIG day. The day the questions will all (hopefully) be answered. So, of course a party is needed to celebrate this wonderful occasion!

Since the party hasn't happened yet, I can mainly pass along ideas and some helpful resources for preparing your own LOST party starting with the invitations.

Of course the invitations had to be Boarding Passes from Flight 815! I have created my own versions of the boarding pass and jacket and am sharing it all with you...for free! So, feel free to download here and use to your heart's content. Please give a little shout out to this site if you feel so inclined after using them. ;)

The jacket is a PDF, so just print it out and you're ready to go. I used a glossy paper to give it some texture. It will print with a white edge all around it, so first cut that off. Then fold the paper into thirds where the blue and white backgrounds meet. For the inside flap, I would also recommend cutting part of it off so that the boarding pass is visible.

The boarding pass (designed by my fabulous husband) is available as a PSD file that can be modified in PhotoShop. It should be fully customizable and looks great, in my humble unbiased opinion. You can add the time of the party (departure time), the name on the ticket (for example, "Melissa's/House"), the seat number, etc. The boarding pass has two pieces that are meant to be stapled together (along the left side like a real boarding pass). The 2nd piece is for you to write any necessary party details (see my invitation below). In order to get this exact font, you may need to download it (it's called Harting and is a free download). Also, I recommend using a corner rounder on the corners and printing the passes on cardstock to increase the authentic appeal.

They turned out great and everyone was amazed at how real they look. Now to brainstorm ideas for the rest of the party....