Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spooktacular Halloween Cards

If there's one thing I have learned about myself in recent years, it's that I love greeting cards. Seriously, LOVE them. Giving them, receiving them - it doesn't matter. I think it just sends the outward signal that a person took the time to think about you, pick something out just for you, write a little something and put it in the mail. I know we're only talking maybe 5 minutes and $5 here...but it's just so much fun to get that little something in the mail. So...needless to say, I spend a lot of time in the card aisle at Target....or when I can, Papyrus (their cards are AMAZING! Like little works of art). However, it was decided by both my husband and I that maybe I should try to save a little money and expand my creativity by my making my own cards - so here goes - Halloween cards made by me!

Well....with a little help from Michael's and Martha. :) I found this amazing spider web punch at Michael's that I wanted to incorporate somehow. If you want to use it as a border, you'll want to buy the straight edge web punch and the corner punch.

Also, at Michael's I bought white glittery card stock, shimmery purple cardstock, black greeting cards with envelopes, foam adhesives to add depth and a pack of assorted cardstock colors.

First I cut the white paper into squares about 3.5"x3.5" and used the punch around the edges. Next I cut the purple paper into 2"x2" squares and glued the purple paper on top of the white. I decided to make the center of the card one of three characters: pumpkin, candy corn or ghost. For each of them I made a template and then made multiples and glued them all together. Below you can see the candy corn pieces ready for assembly.

To attach the character to the purple paper I used the little foam adhesives to give the cards some depth. Finally, I simply glued the spider web/character assembly to the front of the card and I had myself a cute little Halloween card! I made 12 cards and with the expensive punches I'm not sure if I saved any money vs. buying cards....but I'm sure I'll use the materials again and so in the long run.... :) And they were fun to make!