Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Sewing Project

I have always looked forward to being an aunt - to have the responsibility to spoil, pamper and love a little baby is something I think I can handle quite well. So, you can imagine my excitement when I learned that my first niece was on her way! I wanted to make something special for her and decided on a baby blanket. I figured baby blankets are pretty small so it shouldn't take too much time or be too expensive....and sewing isn't too hard....I did sew a quilt square in 3rd grade afterall. I found a little website about making a baby quilt and followed it to a certain degree. However, they had one key ingrediant that I did not - a sewing machine! So I made it by hand using a rocking stitch (I think it was it's called). I made the squares 7"x7" and chose to do 9 squares long and 7 wide. I used a very thin batting and a nice bright yellow fabric for the back. I chose a blue, green and yellow color scheme as I didn't know the gender of the baby yet, and I figured that would work nicely either way. It turned out to be quite a nice size and took me a couple months to make...should have started a little earlier as I definitely finished it at 4am the night before the baby shower. The blue binding around the edges was quite tricky to sew and so I would highly recommend getting your hands on a sewing machine for that part. Overall, I think it's a great little project to learn how to sew and a cute present for a new baby. :)

Assembling the cut out squares into the desired pattern

Sewing all of the squares into rows and then sewing the rows together

Opening of the quilt! Ooo, ahh!

Showing off the finished product - hope Sonya likes it!!


Thanks for visiting my first personal blog! I have never envisioned myself as much of a blogger, but as I have been planning baby showers, bridal showers and parties of all kinds, I was amazed at helpful blogs were for sharing ideas. And so, you could say, I am now inspired. I hope to display my craftier side for others that enjoy these adventures and activities as much as I do.